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Demo Reel

This demo reel combines my technical sound and audio design work. From tools creation to middleware implementation, this video demonstrates my skillset within game audio. 

Resound Design

NiGHTS into Dreams - For this project, I wanted to focus on audio specialization; so I payed close attention to panning and volume levels to simulate attenuation in a 3D game space. I'm especially proud of the arpeggio phrase that progresses when flying through consecutive hoops. 

Killer Instinct - My primary goal for this video was to create impactful punch and kick sound effects. I accomplished this by layering audio with harsh attacks and subtle low frequencies. While both characters share similar low-frequency impact sounds, they're differentiated by unique textures - such as electricity and lasers.

The Evil Within 2 - There was mainly one reason that I decided to use footage from this section of the game: character placement. Since the enemy is seldomly in frame, the player must rely on their ears to keep their distance and predict incoming attacks. I wanted to make it clear how far away the enemy was, especially when they were out of sight.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - This project was all about making sure every aspect of the soundscape was present, no matter how subtle. From the several layers of moaning creatures in the background, to the intensity of the lightning in the sky, I made it a point to make everything in frame have a sound. I'm also very happy with how the sword sound effects came out! 

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