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Year: 2016

Engine: Unity

Middleware: Wwise

Platform: PC

Roles: Audio Lead, Technical Sound Designer, Composer, Localization Producer

Ascend is a first person adventure game. The player explores an abandoned village, while conversing with a mysterious being. Using the game's dynamic dialogue system, the player not only learns more about the village's history, but uncovers secrets about themselves as well.

Contributions to Ascend:


Audio Lead

  • Managed Columbia College Chicago's Interactive Arts and Media Sound Team

  • Created and organized the pipeline and workflow for the team

  • Represented the audio team in leadership meetings



Technical Sound Designer

  • Programmed Tools and Systems using Wwise and Unity: 

    • Dynamic voiceover system that calls the correct audio file based off of the current line of text

    • Sound manager designed for simultanious computer and tablet gameplay



  • Created a dense score that changes both horizontally and vertically, depending on player location and conversation choices, respectfully


Localization Producer

  • Communicated with the design team, translators, and voice actors to localize the game for a Spanish-speaking audience



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